Pilloroo is in Fig Garden Bookstore!

fig-garden-bookstore-copy Last week we had the pleasure of delivering our first order to Fig Garden Bookstore in Fresno.  This amazing store has a wonderful collection of adult and children books along with a great selection of unique toys and gifts.  The store has such a wide variety of hard to find gift ideas, it would be easy to spend an afternoon in sheer delight discovering all of the adorable goodies that are on display.

The staff is unbelievably friendly and extremely helpful.  They even have their own blog filled with book reviews and gift suggestions.

Nestled in the middle of Fresno’s own Fig Garden Village, the bookstore is surrounded by favorite stores like Pottery Barn and William Sonoma.  A wonderful destination for an afternoon of Christmas shopping, you can purchase all your gifts, have a great lunch at the Elbow Room and finish your day with an ice cream at Cold Stone Creamary.  Just make sure you remember to check out the Pilloroos at Fig Garden Bookstore!


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful feature! We are very pleased to have Pilloroo in our store and it has been a hit for the holidays. Pilloroo is wonderfully designed and has an amazing, friendly team.

    Here is a link to our blog’s feature of Pilloroo:


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