Happy Thanksgiving

Taking the day off today to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, we will not be stuffing Pilloroos today, but rather ourselves!   We are so lucky to have a family who loves to eat so there will be a ton of great food to share.  The real blessing is having so many wonderful people in our lives to share the meal and the laughter and of course the dessert.  Happy Thanksgiving!


First Trip to Disneyland


Last week we took the twins to Disneyland. They loved it. Both Lauren and Tatum are officially in love with Mickey Mouse. Having had two awesome days running around with the girls laughing and giggling I think I am too! One ride they didn’t quite agree on was the teacups. Tatum insisted on riding it three times in a row; Lauren – Never Again!

Pilloroo is now in Carmel Kids


Yes!  We are in Carmel Kids – one of the most popular children’s boutiques in the Central Valley.  Known for carrying the best brands in children’s clothes, accessories and gifts, Carmel Kids has been in Fresno for years and has a reputation for carrying only the very best.  Located on the corner of Champlain and Perrin, it is in the center of the best shopping and dining in Northeast Fresno.  The store itself is bright and inviting with a staff that is cheerful and friendly.  And now in addition to all the wonderful products they carry, you can now find a Pilloroo too!

What do you put in your Pilloroo?


My favorite question to ask Pilloroo Fans is “What do you put in your Pilloroo?”  It is so fun to hear the answers because it always reveals a little something about their personality.  Jacob, my nephew the adorable, rambunctious 7 year old who inspired the Pilloroo at first hid his army men, then toys his brother was not to play with and eventually the favorite things he would collect or toys he wanted to take on a trip.  Four years later, he now has a more “mature” Pilloroo.  Made with Fly Fishing fabric, it holds his cologne!

Two weeks ago at the Top of the Line show, a mom returned to our booth with her 11 year old daughter so she could pick out her favorite pillow.  She explained that her daughter was going to 6th grade camp in a week and wanted to use her Pilloroo to hide her favorite stuffed animal that she cannot sleep without!

What a clever mom!

Blue Ridge Photography

blue-ridge-photography-copyLast week we visited the Top of the Line show in Visalia.  It was so much fun to see the variety of vendors selling crafts, gifts and artwork.  My favorite local artist, Virginia Wilson of Lindsay was there with her absolutely beautiful photography.  Shown above is my favorite of her collection.  Growing up in Lindsay, I have so many fun childhood memories of playing in orange groves.  This photograph hangs in my breakfast nook and often takes me back to those fun, sun filled days.

Virginia Wilson has an extensive collection of photography capturing California and Europe in unique and exciting ways.  You can check out her collection at BlueRidgePhoto.com.

John Garamendi loves the Pilloroo!


We always love when we get new Pilloroo Fans, so I was very excited when I found in our mail box a signed post card from the Lieutenant Governor of California, John Garamendi.  We met him at the venture forum and had the opportunity to show him the Pilloroo.  He is an advocate for small business and was impressed with the Pilloroo story.  How cool it is to get a signed card with a note!  I should send him a Pilloroo.  The only question: which one should I send?

Pilloroo is in Hearts Delight Boutique in Clovis!


You can now find the Pilloroo in the Hearts Delight Boutique in Old Town Clovis.  Even more wonderful is the boutique will be taking part in the One Enchanted Evening Celebration on Thursday, November 20th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Businesses in Old Town Clovis have planned this evening in appreciation of their customers – complete with drawings, complimentary refreshments, horse drawn carriage rides and entertainment.  Over forty businesses are participating, so every member of the family is sure to find something to love.

Just remember to drop by Hearts Delight to see the many goodies they have to offer including the Pilloroo!