Mom’s Best Award

Yesterday I sent 4 Pilloroos to be evaluated by the Mom’s Best Award Committee.  It was difficult to choose which ones to send.  I finally decided on the Cupcake, Fairy and the Race car Pillows ( I sent the Fairies twice).  I am anxious to hear what kind of reviews my little Pilloroos get.  I hope the Mom evaluators love them.  The award is presented at the end of November, just in time for the Christmas season.  It could be so great for our new company.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed…and really wishing one of the evaluators was my own Mom!


3 Responses

  1. I hope your pillows get an award. Good Luck!!!

  2. We are crossing our fingers that Pilloroo wins the “Mom’s Best Award” You deserve it!

  3. I’m sure you will get an award. In this economy, a Pilloroo gift is both practical as well as fun and luxurious. This is what some people will consider when shopping for a gift. Think positive!

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