Central Valley Venture Forum

Last week, Billie Jo and I had the opportunity to take part in the 3rd annual Central California Venture Forum. This event is designed to support small businesses here in California’s Central Valley. It was an honor for Pilloroo to be a part of such a great collection of entrepreneurs who are all taking on the risk of starting and growing a business. The highlight of the two day event was a mock stock exchange where business leaders and Valley residents were invited to become “investors”. Each guest was given 1 million dollars (fake money of course) at the door and was able to “invest” in any of the over 25 businesses represented. I am proud to say Pilloroo did come out in the top tier. We didn’t win, but in all respects did very well. The best part was showing our product and having some Moms and Grandmas giving us their whole stack of bills! We had so many people tell us they loved our product. One of the local TV channels even asked us to be on their morning program. It was a fabulous event, and we are now working harder than ever to reach out to prospective retailers. Oh, and with an upcoming TV appearance, I am now hitting the gym daily in a last ditch effort to lose the 10lbs. I earned from my twin pregnancy! (I know it was probably not so much the pregnancy, but the In and Out Burgers that I always felt were so necessary.<:)


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  1. Be sure to let us know when you will be on tv.

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