Just Like a Great Jump

When I was little mom would take all six of us to the public pool in Reedley for a fun day in the sun. There was a little kids’ pool and the big kids’ pool. The focal point of the big kid pool was of course the 10 foot diving board. Graduating to the big kid pool was a huge day. But I think the real coming of age day was when I got up the nerve to climb up that tall tall ladder of the high dive and step out onto the diving board. I must have been 4 feet tall, so the 10 foot drop was mighty intimidating. However, my shaky knees weren’t my biggest concern. I was committed. I had three older brothers watching below yelling, “Jump!”

Today I walked into my first boutiques to sell the Pilloroo. The walk from the car may as well have been a ten foot ladder. And the exhilarating feeling of walking out and having made my first official sale felt as good as the great big splash I made that unforgettable summer day at the Reedley Pool.


My Plate Mate

Another great product we were introduced to at the ABC Kids Expo is the Plate Mate plate guard.  It easily snaps on to childrens’ plates and acts as sort of a “back stop” for their fork – helping toddlers to be independent while keeping the mess to a  minimum.  Invented by two moms here in California and made in the USA, this is a genuine great idea!

Monkey Meditations

If you yoga or if you don’t, this Money Meditations Pilloroo is sure to add some fun to your life. Whether he is in downward dog or up dog, the little character inside this pillow is always fun. A 7 inch beanie stuffed toy packed snuggly in his 11 inch pocket, he is ready for sleep overs and road trips.

ABC Kids Expo

Back from our first trade show we are a little exhausted but excited about all the great attention the Pilloroo received and the wonderful exhibitors we were able to meet.  I haven’t been around so much creativity and enthusiasm since I was teaching!  It felt great to be among such an outstanding group of exhibitors and buyers.

We were particularly impressed with many of the new exhibitors.  One in particular is a new artist out of Los Angles, Lollydoodle.  Her work is absolutley adorable.  She has a wide range of vintage style prints along with an alphabet collection that is the cutest we’ve seen yet.  I might just have to redecorate Lauren and Tatum’s room!

7 Days Until our First Trade Show

After months of planning, our debut is finally here.  The ABC Kids Expo in LasVegas is the biggest juvenile product trade show in the U.S.  We have been working at top speed these last few weeks, getting everything from business cards to shelves for the pillows.  It has been quite a scramble, but I think everything has come together.

Planning this product down to every last label and stitch has been a series of a thousand choices.  As we start presenting the finished product to customers and stores we will see if we made the right ones.  I surely hope we did.

So on Friday, we will load BillieJo’s Suburban with the booth, the shelves, our Pilloroo line up and everything else we need for the show.  I hope it all fits.  If it doesn’t, I might have to ride on top.  Hey, maybe we would make national news!