Our Nephew

Designing these pillows has been so much fun for BillieJo and I, but giving them is even more fun. I always like to hear what kids decide to keep in the “Surprise Pouch”. My nephew Jordan is a kid whose parents keep him on the go, he’s in karate and baseball and can recite the entire 24 line poem “The Quitter” by Robert Service. As an aunt I couldn’t be more proud. So what does this little intellectual have in his Pilloroo? “A “Basketball Travel Game” He’s always ready to shoot hoops.


Why we do what we do

Moms starting businesses is one of the fastest growing business sectors. As BillieJo and I see college approaching for our two oldest, making this business a success becomes ever more important. But it is the whole gang that we are working for. So I thought I’d share our line up.

Starting with BillieJo’s Brude:

Stephanie 16 – Volleyball Pilloroo – is the Starting Setter on her High School team.

Gregory 13 – Money Pilloroo -Gregory has been running his own candy business for a couple of years now and has become the family loan officer.

Jacob 11- 2 Fish Themed Pilloroos -Jacob was voted Mr. Congeniality on his last month long fishing trip in Alaska.

My Bunch:

Ryan 15 – Baseball Pilloroo -is the Left Fielder on his High School team.

Tatum 2 – Froggy Pilloroo -Tatum can roar and ribbet. She has actually tried to scare her mother with her roar to get out of trouble. It didn’t work.

Lauren 2 – Monkey Pilloroo -is also known to cry at Birthday Parties when Pilloroos’ are given to friends. She really loves them.

These kids are our souls and our passion, the driving force behind our business. People often ask us how we do it all. Sometimes we wonder ourselves. But as every mom knows – you just find a way.

Why hide stuff in a Pilloroo? Kids know why!

The first Pilloroo was made for my nephew Jacob.  It was an army pillow that he carried everywhere.  What did he hide in it?  Anything and everything he didn’t want his older siblings, Stephanie and Gregory to find.  Every kid loves keeping fun secrets and what’s more fun than a secret hiding spot that’s there for you in important times – Nap Time!

BillieJo and I have enjoyed making Pilloroos ourselves this past year.  Friends, family and customers at craft fairs have loved giving such a new and unique present like the Pilloroo as gifts, some of course keeping them for themselves.  We’ve loved hearing about all of the people who have received each handmade pillow and just what has been stuffed inside the surprise pouches.  Now that we are having someone else make them and we will be concentrating more on getting “the word out”, we hope to continue hearing from our customers and finding out about all the special places our Pilloroos end up.

And there is the question we have set out to answer: Just where will the Pilloroo end up?